Trusox – Review

If you’ve been watching the premier league this season you probably will have noticed how many players are ‘sock cutting’, this is where you cut the foot off your football sock and wear a white sock instead – and then tape the two together. Players, myself included do it to gain extra traction – although it does also make you stand out on the field, but lately some player’s socks have been standing out more for the strange black dots or squares on the heals. Players wearing them include Aaron Lennon, Emmanuel Adebayor,  Cheick Tiote and Marouane Fellaini

(Image via footy-boots)

These new socks are by a company called Trusox from America, and Goals and Gear got our hands on a pair

Trusox make 3 different socks, there is a short gym sock, a regular length one and a full length football sock. I went for the two gym socks as I had to keep my club socks for when I played, and always wear white socks with them anyway.

The first obvious thing about the socks is the strange blue squares on the sole of the foot – these are very similar to the dots you might have found on the sole of ‘grippy socks’ you wore a toddler. each pad has a rubber-like solidity with a suede-like finish to them. This is part of the patent-pending design of the socks, which Trusox claim will lock your foot to the shoe and improve agility, power and acceleration – while also, most importantly; preventing blisters.

The sock also features a separate material on the underside of the sock, which reacts with sweat further increase your traction.

So on to my experience of the product! I decided I would try to give these socks the most intensive tests possible, so I wore them with my indoor shoes (which always give me blisters) and the very slippery ‘lightweight’ sock liner for my synthetic F50s.

When I first put the sock on it felt really weird, but that sensation left fairly quickly and I got used to the feeling of the pads under my foot. The additional grip was apparent as soon as I tried to put my boots on, and had to loosen the laces a bit more than usual to get my foot in!

I did a decent jog in them, and then did about half an hour’s ball work, and finally a bit of work with ladders to test them out in all aspects of a game.

The socks give you a really solid relationship with your boot, honestly its a huge difference even with the trusox when compared to my nike white socks. I found I could turn much faster, and there was absolutely no movement within the boot for my foot.

Here is what QPR’s Jamie Mackie had to say about Trusox

TruSox are available from Tru Sox directly, for $24.99 – about £15

Click Here to buy a pair!


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