Is your football shirt killing you?

The EU Consumer Watchdog BEUC has tested sixteen home shirts for the Euro 2012 finalists, and the results were ‘worrying’ according to the Watchdog. They go as far to suggest that wearing the shirts ‘may pose a health risk’

Out of the 16 shirts tested, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and France all contained lead. The watchdog points out that the Adidas shirts contain more than the legal limit of a heavy metal for a child’s product; however, the amount present was less than the limit of an adult product – which was what they tested, so its a mute point.

The watchdog also points out that the nike shirts tested contained Nickel, which is a fairly safe metal, unless you plan to eat it…so dont eat your football shirt.

Nike’s shirts are one of the most innovative in the game today, made from recycled plastic bottles. There is no noticeable difference between the ‘bottle’ shirts and their competitors, but they are a far more environmentally friendly garment.

In fact, all the shirts tested by the watchdog complied with EU safety standards for adults clothing, so really they’re creating a fuss about nothing to try and gain a bit of publicity for themselves. But just to be on the safe side, do not eat your football shirt! 


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