Kinesio tape review and competition

Injuries are definitely one of the worst parts of football. Muscular ones can often take you out of the game for extremely long periods of time and can just be frustrating. Enter Kinesio tape, a product developed by Dr Kenzo Kase in 1979 Kinesio Taping is a breakthrough therapy that is providing scientific advances in treatment of pain, bruising and swelling for over 1200 muscular conditions and injuries.

If you’re a football fan, there is no question that you will have seen the tape adoring one of your favourite players, most notably Gareth Bale – who is the face of the product. Its easy to spot the blue, red, black or flesh coloured strips on players, who often use it for neck or lower back support in games, most recently Mario Ballotelli and Buffon wore it in their Euro match against England.

Many people jokingly call the ‘leg straps’ Bale’s “go faster stripes”, in fact – kinesio tape is basically a sticky, elasticated bandage – which replicates muscular tension and allows you to support a damaged muscle and get back to playing quicker.

I myself have used the product when I’ve had slight muscular injuries before playing – and it makes a huge difference – especially when running. Previously, if you wanted to use the product you had to go to a physio or watch videos on Youtube which would explain the correct tension to apply – as over stretching or under supporting an injury can actually make it worse.

But now, Kinesio have launched their ‘pre-cut’ range which offers specific sets of tape to support 6 injury areas:

1) Back – lower back pain and Sciatica

2) Neck – neck pain/stress, neck tension and whiplash

3) Shoulder – Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Impingement, Frozen Shoulder and muscle strain

4) Knee – Runners Knee, Patella Tendonitis, Arthritis and Osgood-Schlatter

5) Wrist – Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Sprain, Wrist Strain and Tendonitis (De Quervains)

6) Foot Piantar Fasciitis, heel pain and foot arch pain

I imagine most footballers will really be looking at Knee and foot, sometimes back too – but its a product I’ve used many times before and swear by it when I’m recovering from an injury, once its applied you can just leave it on without much discomfort. You need to rub it in as heat activates the glue a bit more (I use the rapping on the back of the strips) and then it should last you through baths/showers and sleeping, as well as exercising.

all of which are available at boots for around £5.99, however Goals and Gear and Kinesio are giving you the chance to win yourself an application pack – all you need to do is follow @Kinesio_UK and @heroart and tweet us with which pack you want with #goalsandgear in the tweet.


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  1. Kinesiotape is badass 🙂 I saw Boffon wearing it at the semi finals versus Endland.

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