Adidas MiCoach v Nike Fuel Band

Sport is changing, we’re now all focused on the best way to improve our performance – and one of the best ways to do that is to review your performances!

It used to be that you had to film a game or hire a personal trainer to give you detailed feedback on your game, but long gone are those days – enter the 21st Century’s answer to the problem: technology.

lets start by looking at the Adidas MiCoach chip, this is generally seen as the more conventional system for players looking to track their performance in a game. MiCoach chips can be purchased as part of a ‘pack’ with a set of boots – where you get both the computer and ipod/ipad connector or individually, which limits you to either computer or iOS connector.

The chip sits inside the cavity of either a football boot or a trainer, but you’re limited to Adidas products as only they have the ‘cavity’, although there is also a lace loop which you can use with the tracer – but I’d worry it would fall off in runs and obviously you can’t use it when playing football with another brand’s boot

When the chip is in the boot, you can notice a rattling sensation on the left foot – but you forget about it in play, and when  you get back to your changing room/computer at home you just plug in the connector and shake the boot to sync your data.

Once you’ve synced your data, you will be able to access detailed reviews of your performance and see where you sprinted fastest, where you were inactive and much more

you even have options which allow you to further view breakdowns of your game

MiCoach offers a great insite to how you play, but it lacks the ability to see how you’re doing DURING a work out, which is a huge negative for me – because I often can judge a game based on the stats I see later, and it would be a huge advantage if I could see I wasn’t running enough or if I was over exerting myself.  I’ve also found that data can often have a really long delay from being retrieved from the boot to hitting the website, so often I can’t even review my data on the same day as a match or training session.

MiCoach packs are available from ProDirectSocccer across the whole adidas line and prices vary based on which boot you go for – and individual chips can be purchased from Adidas directly for around 70 pounds

Moving on to Nike’s latest innovation, the Fuel Band.

Nike Fuel is a way of measuring your workouts regardless of what sport you’re doing, or how active you’re being – in the words of Nike ‘make it count’.

The band is much more than just a ‘glorified pedometer’ as many thought it might be when the product was announced. In fact, the fuel band tracks much more than just ‘fuel’ or steps, it also displays, calories used and even the time! while always presenting your fuel expenditure with a series of LEDs across the top of the Band – which colour through red, orange and green to show achievement of goals.

Goals are pre-set by the user when you plug the band into your computer to sync the data, this is probably my favourite part of the Fuel Band, because it means you set yourself a challenge and then have to live up to it  – you can’t slack because obviously, you won’t hit your target, which you’re reminded of by the half full bar of LEDs.

Not only is the packaging of the product gorgeous, the desktop software is also a real piece of design.  Its very easy to use and makes syncing data and changing your settings very easy – this allows you to play with your allowance between ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ days – so you can always hit a goal!

Nike have also chosen a really cool and visual way of presenting your fuel consumption over the day – which makes reviewing your day online a different experience to just viewing it on the band

Whats even better is you can tweet your activity – and compete with fellow facebook and twitter users, to try and ” #makeitcount ” the most.

What I love about the fuel band is that its basically a really cool futuristic watch – which doubles up as a personal trainer, it really encourages you to be more active to hit your goals, like taking the longer route home or going for a jog in your lunch hour. The only downside to the product?  You can’t wear it in games – but you can wear it during training sessions, gym sessions and even on jogs – in fact, the only time I don’t wear my Fuel Band is when I’m in a match! Its great for active people or those who want to live a more active life than they currently do – if you’re trying to lose weight, its a fantastic motivator as all physical activity ‘counts’

If you’re not already excited by the Fuel Band, check out this amazing promotional video

The Nike Fuel Band can be bought from Nike directly for £129   which might seem expensive, but when you consider its also a watch, its really a steal! And I highly recommend it


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  1. Why you don’t use it for matches?

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