Nike Maxim – Premier League Match Ball: Review

This season’s premier league match ball is the eye-catching Maxim from Nike – which we are fortunate enough to be able to review!

The Maxim is the absolute top of the line ball that Nike produces, but what makes it so different from the £10-20 version you can pick up? Well, the main difference is the five layer construction, which Nike claim gives optimal first touch and a 360 degree sweetspot, to give you a consisten response.

In play, you can notice a difference, especially in the flight of the ball, freekicks and long balls fly in a much more crisp and smooth manner than with your average ball, and that doesn’t even touch on the difference when striking the ball. Its almost impossible to hit the Maxim and feel that horrible connection you get when you miss-hit a normal ball.

Dribbling with the maxim is fantastic, and close control for tricks is really really easy – moves such as the ‘flip-flap’ are a breeze to complete with the ball, and keepy-uppys are very easy because the ball has such a consisten balance – which can be missing from cheaper balls.

So how about that eyecatching design? That is something Nike has really worked on with the Maxim, and it now features Nike RaDaR technology (Rapid Decision and Response) which, to the consumer is a lab and field-tested standard for visual performance – what does this actually mean? The bright and bold geometric graphic on the ball gives the ball crisp edges to pick up on during play – and makes the ball easier to see, a real bonus for goal keepers, as well as players who like to work using one touch football.

You might have noticed from the pictures the strange texture the ball has, when I played with the ball – I was really impressed with the way it gripped the surface and my boot in wet conditions, as well as how it moved away from the foot at high speed during fast paced dribbles.

The maxim is a great match ball, and ideal for players looking to have something a bit more special than your average soccer ball to kick around – especially over long distances. Hitting freekicks with a bit of swerve on them, or knuckle balls is a n absolute dream with the Maxim!

You can buy the regular Maxim for £65 from Sports Direct or the Premier League version for £75 from Lovell Soccer


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