Nike ACC review

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pair of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 8, Retro Blue/Orange with ACC to check out how the new All Conditions Control coating really is.



When the product first launched, a lot of people were not sure what exactly ‘ACC’ was. ACC, or “All Conditions Control” is a coating put on the boot’s upper material. This isn’t unusual on a synthetic boot, as nearly every synthetic boot is given a coating to allow a better grip on the ball – which is why the ‘hot water trick’ can be very bad for boots, as it strips the coating.

Unlike most conventional coatings though, the ACC coating on the Vapor 8 aims to deliver equal control on the ball in both wet and dry conditions, rather than just giving you a good drip on the ball when playing on a dry pitch – which the conventional ones do. I for one can really clearly remember playing in Mercurial Vapor 2 on soaking pitches and having an appalling touch (I’ll blame the coating!).


So how does the ACC coating play compared to the Vapor without it? The difference is very noticeable when dribbling with the ball, and controlling harsh passes from your team mates. The you get a lot more friction between the boot and the ball, which is a massive bonus for players in such poor conditions – especially pacey wingers!

It sounds strange to say, but ACC gives you a real advantage over an opponent in a wet, sloppy pitch – simply because it gives you a way better grip.

But more than that ACC offers something very exciting for those who want to buy the Tiempo, probably the most exciting feature of the ACC range is that it will prevent the Tiempo from absorbing so much water, making them last longer than any other leather boot. But back to the Vapor we have. Nike have made some noticeable changes to the boot since we got our hands on the Mango pair .


one of the most notable changes is the increased thickness of the side support bands, although never officially defined – most users believe that the boot had these added to prevent the side of the boot splitting from the sole plate, it was added after the boot finished Sample testing. But on the new model these bands are much thicker than on the previous boot – and you can only assume this is to help the boot last longer, although we’ve had no problems with any of our Vapor 8s.


The RetroBlue model of the Vapor 8 also features a new plastic support band around the toebox area of the boot, again we’ve had no official word on this but we’re pretty sure it has been added to stop your toe going through the end of the boot, as many people buy speed boots with a really tight fit. The toe box is not intrusive in play at all – which surprised us a lot, and it gives you the added confidence of not being too delicate in tackles with fear of damaging/tearing the front of the boot – well done Nike!


You can get the whole ACC Range, including the Vapor 8 from Pro Direct Soccer

check out our unboxing video of the vapor 8




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