Puma Ducati Evospeed Review

One of the most exciting partnerships in sportswear is Puma’s with Ducati, so when we heard they were going to release a boot together – we were very excited

The Evospeed Ducati is unlike most other speed boots on the market right now, mainly because of the upper material Puma has chosen to use. Reflecting Ducati’s high usage of Carbon Fibre, Puma has given a similar finish to the upper of the boot.

The upper gives a great touch on the ball, not only gripping the ball very well – but also giving you a really good feel for the ball, while remaining protective.

The styling of this boot is fantastic, honestly one of my favourite looking boots in a long time, based around Ducati’s bikes – the boot is a very bold red, with very cool shades of black mixed it – contrasting with the white formstripe. The only boot I can really say I think looked “cooler” was Puma’s V1.06 with grass effect upper

Leading on nicely from the V1.06 – the soleplate on this boot is quite similar to that of its predecessor, and features blades rather than the conical studs which are on the rest of the EvoSpeed range from puma.

The redesigned soleplate also features carbon fibre, which has been in decline in most of the boots on the market this season, but it adds a really classy finish to an already classy product.

The carbon fibre also reduces weight – with the EvoSpeed Ducati Edition weighing in at an astonishing 158 grams, lighter than the firm ground vapor 8 (187 grams).  The boot is incredibly light, and it is noticeably different to other boots on the market when on your foot, because it hardly feels like you’re wearing a pair! That said, the reduction in weight comes at a price, and there is a fairly noticeable stud pressure in the forefoot of the boot – I would not say it is uncomfortable, but it is definitely noticeable, but its a fair sacrifice to make for such a lightweight boot.

The heel counter of the boot is really comfortable, there has been some criticism of the Evospeed 1’s heel counter – but on this boot, it feels very comfy – and not noticeable at all.

The boot also features a fantastically low toebox, which makes it easy to get under the ball, while the large surface area across the toe makes dribbling just as easy – an area which is often compromised on.

Also, congratulations are due to Puma for creating a soft but hard wearing synthetic upper for the boot – as often we see synthetic boots with incredibly stuff and difficult to use uppers – while this was easy straight out of the box!

I consider myself to have fairly wide feet, and often a speed boot can feel a bit restrictive on the forefoot, but the Ducati Evospeed did not really feel tight across the forefoot at all, which we can chalk up to that softer upper previously mentioned.

The Ducati Edition EvoSPEED is available from Pro Direct Soccer exclusively for £179.99


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