Puma EvoSPEED 1 Review

The speed boot market is one of the most in demand of them all, and recently Puma overhauled the V1 silo and introduced the EvoSPEED – after much anticipation we got our hands on a pair!

puma evospeed side view rainbow green

Lets start with the aesthetic of the boot:  The colourway we have is part of puma’s “double rainbow” release, which sees the EvoSPEED, the EvoSPEED SL and the Powercat all get the green/blue/white/rainbow treatment . I have to say the colourway is really really cool – it stands out really well on pitch as well

The “rainbow” element of the colourway comes from the colouring used on the tongue – which is very similar to that used on some of the SL predator LZ – but slightly more blue.

puma evospeed rainbox tongue

As light hits the boot, the tongue breaks it up and you get small strands of colour across the tongue. Speaking of the tongue: Puma has redesigned the whole lace area on the boot since the V1 Series, and the tongue is one of the best redesigns. It offers a padded top area, which is perforated to allow better feel for the ball when striking.

puma evospeed tounge

The toebox of the boot is also textured – which allows for a little more control when dribbling the ball. This is a feature which is pretty unique to Puma, the closest thing I can think of is the SprintWeb on the F50 – but Puma’s version is far better because it features a raised texture – while the SprintWeb is far more flat, so can lose it’s grip when in contact with even the slightest amount of mud.

puma evospeed rainbox dots on toe box

The soleplate of the boot is pretty cool too – mainly because it features conical studs, with fingerprints on the tips of them – I’m not 100% if it is just for design, but it looks really cool!

puma evospeed duoflex area

The sole also features DuoFlex technology in the forefoot, which aims to make the boot more flexible when turning in tight spaces. I have to say I felt the KingSL was more flexible with the softer and slit soleplate – but obviously the soleplate could be much thicker than on the EvoSPEED.

The heal counter is also part of the soleplate on this boot – which is all one piece of plastic, unlike most – the sides of the EvoSPEED’s heel counter is really soft, which means it can adjust to your foot pretty easily

puma evospeed rainbow green solplate

The EvoSPEED’s upper is also pretty thin, and gives a nice touch on the ball – probably most reminiscent of the Vapor 2. Although I have to say I’m not a huge fan of high gloss synthetic boots – but the EvoSPEED is a high quality one.

puma evospeed logo green rainbow

on to the negatives of the boot. When I first pulled on the boot I found it really tight – I’ve got a slightly wide foot, and it felt pretty constricted. However, after a bit of time the boot losend off on my foot and they fitted me pretty well – although there was still noticeable tightness on the toe area. In terms of fit, I’d say they fit pretty long in the toe, and you may want to go a half size down.

puma evospeed rainbow green instep

My main fault with the boot is the rear end of the boot. In particular – the Achilles guard of the boot. It sits quite high up, and the asymmetric set up was pretty uncomfortable for me – and I felt it dug in a bit when I was playing – a problem you can remedy with some cotton wool and tape – but it does ruin the look of the boot a bit.

puma evospeed achiles guard

However, I’ve got to say its pretty impressive that the small seem just above the heel counter is the only stitching mark on the whole boot!

evospeed scorecard

You can buy the EvoSPEED Green/Blue/ Yellow for the reduced price of £107.99 from ProDirectSoccer HERE


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  1. so you prefer this upper over the f50s? The old ones? I thought the new ones have a texture like this.

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