Messi’s Custom Adizero F50 MiCoach

Earlier last month, Messi wore a pair of custom designed Adizero F50 MiCoach boots, which were selected from a competition we told you about earlier this year. We’ve now got hold of some high res images of the boots

messi adizero miadidas 3

The above image was shared everywhere when Messi wore the boot, but we’ve now been sent some new images – which some something pretty interesting about Messi’s match issue boots!

messi adizero miadidas 2

As you can see in the photo, Messi’s front a rear studs on his FG boot are rounded down and hardly there at all. This is probably to give greater acceleration out of the ground with the removal of the two rear heel studs. While the shorter front studs might allow Messi to get under the ball easier for his dinky chip shots.

messi adizero miadidas

The boot features the Argentina flag, as well as Messi’s logo and his Son (Thiago)’s name. The colour scheme of the boot features a white/red/black composition – which differs strongly from the Barcelona kit – but is one we think Messi really likes – and wouldn’t be surprised to see more of in the near future!


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