Lotus F1 Team Edition Range by Suremen

Speed and Football are synonymous – both on the pitch, with super fast players, and off it with their super fast cars. Lotus and Suremen have teamed up to bring out an exciting range of new products, which we took a look at for your wash bag!


Firstly we took a look at Suremen and Lotus’ Antiperspirant spray:

lotus sure for men deoderant

Suremen’s antiperspirant offers you 48 hours of protection against sweat – which works fantastically during high intensity matches, especially over the summer – to keep your underarms dry and allow you to focus on the game. The product’s sporty styling of the bottle makes it stand out from the other products on the market, which may mean your team mates want to steal your spray after the game – possibly a downside!

lotus sure men spray logo

Used by Lotus’ own driving team Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean – this antiperspirant’s design screams high-speed and is sure to make a big statement in the changing rooms. Available in two sizes, we preferred the smaller one – as it could fit in a wash bag much easier, for easy transport to and from games!

sure for men lotus both sizes

The SureMen Special Edition Lotus F1 Dry 48hour Anti-perspirant is available for £1.99 from Boots in the 150ml  size – or £3.29 in the 250ml size.

We also took a look at the SureMen and Lotus F1 antiperspirant roll on:

lotus sure for men deoderant stick

A lot more compact than the sprays, and slightly more considerate in a packed changing room – the SureMen and Lotus F1 Roll on Anti Perspirant offers the same 48 hour protection, which should see you through a gruelling 90 minutes. A nice and compact size – the roll on could even fit into a boot bag, if you’re the type of player that doesn’t like to faff about in the changing room after the game.

sure for men lotus stick logo

Featuring a cool and sporty F1 inspired graphic, the deep black colouring of the packaging is discreet with flashes of black and gold – which is sure to make you stand out in the dressing room, while the roll on is a much more personal product – and rarely stolen by team mates, so arguably its a much better option!

Available from boots for just £1.99 the Sure Men and Lotus F1 roll on is a must for your kit bag!


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